Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Premier Charest Cares More About F1 Than The Justice Department

No longer a feature: Canada's Montreal's Circuit Gilles Villeneuve has been taken off the F1 calendar as NASCAR racing continues to be more popular Photo: GETTY IMAGES

Charest More Interested In F1: Bellemare -- Montreal Gazette

Probe of judicial appointments. Fundraisers used influence to ensure Liberals got plum jobs, commission told

Premier Jean Charest was not particularly interested in justice issues, let alone the names of candidates for the bench, ex-Quebec justice minister Marc Bellemare testified yesterday.

In another comment made during his cross-examination at the Bastarache commission looking into the province's judicial nomination system, Bellemare said he tried to brief the premier on the naming of a new chief judge in Quebec, Guy Gagnon, at a meeting on Aug. 18, 2003.

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My Comment: Dealing with lawyers and judges .... or the F1. I would take the F1 any day.

But the line that caught my attention in this story was the following ....

Bellemare didn't crack, not even when Ryan asked him about the day in 2003 that he offered his resignation to the premier after it was revealed Bellemare's daughter was working as a nude dancer in a club with suspected ties to organized crime.

Hmmm .... this is getting personal and nasty.

Griffintown To Get Its Facelift

An artist's rendition of what the new 'District Griffin' project will look like.

From CTV:

Montreal's historic Griffintown neighbourhood has been a target for re-development for years, and now it looks as though the area bordering downtown and Old Montreal will finally be getting its facelift.

But the residents of Griffintown are not necessarily thrilled with the news.

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My Comment: The area does need an improvement .... but I also know that it will lose its distinct character and feel.

Montreal Heat Wave To Last Until Friday

A heat wave continues in Montreal Wednesday for the fourth day, with a forecast high of 33C. Here, Émilie Lecavallier plays the song Autumn Leaves in Lafontaine park in Montreal Monday, August 30, 2010 as friends Jo-Annie Dubois reads and Charles Trudel accompanies on melodica. The well-known song was originally written in french as "Les feuilles mortes." Photograph by: John Kenney, THE GAZETTE

Montreal Heat Wave In 4th Day -- The Montreal Gazette

Hot humid air to last until Friday

MONTREAL - The heat wave in the Montreal region and Laval is expected to last through Wednesday, with a forecast high of 33C and high humidity that will make it feel like it’s 40C.

Environment Canada has extended its high heat and humidity warning for Montreal and Laval for Wednesday, advising residents to drink lots of water, limit physical activity and seek out air-conditioned or shady areas. The advisory stresses that people suffering from heart and respiratory conditions should take special care.

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My Comment: Don't fret .... winter and cold temperatures are just around the corner.

Nascar: After the Montreal Race Do You Still Miss The Cup Guys?

Jason Smith/Getty Images

From The Bleacher Report:

Can you agree with that?

Sunday afternoon was the best race I’ve seen in years and this is coming from a fan who watches just about everything that moves.

That finish was amazing!

If we could have this type of racing in Cup problems with television ratings or track attendance would be a thing of the past.

I believe the reason this race had so many great moments is because the drivers who were in the hunt for the checkered flag had to win, I understand every driver wants to win but there are some who “have” to win.

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My Comment: Yes .... I know that this weekend's NASCAR race was one of the closest race finishes ever .... but I still prefer the Stanley Cup

No Air Conditioning For Montreal Metros

Carl Desrosiers, executive director of operations at the STM, stands in one of the new reconfigured métro cars adapted to increase capacity during a press tour at the STM's garage. The transit agency says the new rolling stock will not have air conditioning. Photograph by: Dario Ayala, Montreal Gazette

Keeping Cool On The Métro Isn't A Priority: STM -- Montreal Gazette

MONTREAL – Public transit users want better frequency, punctuality and reliability far more than air conditioning aboard the next generation of metro cars or buses, top officials from the Societe de transport de Montreal insisted Tuesday as the heat wave continued - above and below ground.

So forget about a Projet Montreal push for substantially cooler metro rides of the air-conditioned type provided in Toronto and New York City, added Michel Labrecque, the STM's chairman, and Marvin Rotrand, its vice-chairman.

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My Comment: I prefer heat in winter time over air conditioning during summer.