Monday, September 5, 2011

McGill Top University In Canada

Roddick Gates, the entrance to McGill University. Photograph by: Gordon Beck, Gazette file photo

McGill Ranked Tops University In Canada -- Montreal Gazette

MONTREAL - Students just starting a new academic year at McGill University can take pleasure in knowing they are attending the top-ranked university in the country, according to the new QS World University Rankings.

McGill also moved up to 17th place worldwide, from 19th last year.

And while McGill can boast about being the Harvard of Canada, Harvard had to eat a little humble pie and settle for second place - after the University of Cambridge - for the second consecutive year. MIT, Yale and Oxford rounded out the top five in the world.

It's hard to say in this tough economy if that translates into more jobs for McGill graduates - but it sure can't hurt.

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My Comment: As a McGill grad .... I am proud.

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