Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Montreal Taxpayers Vote With Feet

People keep choosing off-island suburbs to live instead of staying in Montreal. Photograph by: MARIE-FRANCE COALLIER, THE GAZETTE

From Canada.com:

Exodus to off-island suburbs; Budget-maker touts city's attributes.

Alan DeSousa is an accountant by training and a politician by choice. As vice-chairperson of the Montreal executive committee and the man in charge of the finance portfolio, he possesses the skill set to oversee Montreal's $4-billion budget for 2010.

But DeSousa acknowledges there's more to budget-making than ensuring revenues are not exceeded by expenses.

(Montreal, like every other municipality in Quebec, is forbidden by law to run a deficit.)

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My Comment: 10 years ago .... I owed 3 duplexes. I got rid of two of them last year because I was getting fed up with paying high taxes on property that I did not live in. I am now at a crossroads .... should I leave my home in LaSalle and move to my farm .... or should I stay. At present, I pay $5,800 in taxes on my home .... if it should go by above $6,500 .... it is goodbye for me. Sigh .... after living in LaSalle for 50 years .... I will be gone.

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Anonymous said...

I'd take your farm over a home in Lasalle any day of the week.

God i miss the country ( living in Lasalle now ) I'd give my left thumb for a nice secluded place in the country