Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quebec Drug Rehab Centre Closes Abruptly

The centre closed suddenly Jan. 7, 2010.

From The National Post:

MONTREAL -- A private drug-and-alcohol rehab centre in the Laurentian town of Chertsey closed abruptly this month and left cocaine and heroin addicts to fend for themselves in Montreal.

The Clear Haven Centre, which advertised a "holistic approach to substance abuse treatment" amid "122 beautiful wilderness acres," shut its doors on Jan. 7. But as late as Dec. 31, staff members were still accepting new patients and demanding thousands of dollars in payment up front.

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Update #1: Rehab clinic dumps addicts at airport -- Toronto Star
Update #2: Dumped addicts' families eye lawsuit -- Toronto Star
Update #3: Quebec rehab center closes, kicks out 28 -- UPI

My Comment: It is always the vulnerable who get the shaft .... and drug addicts are one of the most vulnerable in society.


drug rehab said...

There are so many drug addicts and so few drug addiction centers and even those open often do not meet the standards and are forced to close down!!

Addiction Treatment said...

Curing drug addiction is not an easy task. It needs a drug rehab that has all the best addiction treatments they can offer.
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Anonymous said...

When the Government realizes that the war on drugs has failed perhaps then will people who abuse drugs get the treatment they need as opposed to prison time.

Drug abuse is not criminal, it is a health issue. Those people need treatment, not prison time.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when Centers like these are run by unprofessional people.I was employed by this place as a security night watch person.The rules they had were like the clients were in a prison system.The staff were treated like they were dogs by the Director.His people skills were next to none.All i can say is that this place was just there to make money.Also another thing! they still owe employees money and you can very well imagine how much they owe to the former clients who were in treatment at the time.This is totally unprofessional.I myself having extensive Security training was treated like I knew nothing.This director should hung out to dry in my opinion.

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However this curse shouldn’t be allowed to go on unchecked. At any cost we must get rid of this social cancer by highlighting its dangerous effects on human body and society. The remedy for drug addiction is not very easy. Greed of drug traders has grasped the whole world. Drug business should must be is punishable and the highest punishment is death sentence in any Country. This law must be enforced immediately. Our young generation must be aware of the dire consequence of drug abuse. Parents must be careful of their treatment to children. Feelings of security under loving parents may hinder children from being victims of drugs. Religious and social values must be taught from early childhood. When each and every person is sincere to drive this curse of drug addiction from the society, human beings can get rid of it.

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