Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quebec Pitches Plan Nord To Cree

Caribou at the Raglan nickel site in Northern Quebec, Canada. Photo from Xstrata

From The CBC:

Quebec ministers met with Cree leaders on Monday to discuss the province's ambitious Plan Nord, a long-term road map for economic development in its farthest geographic reaches.

The province is keen to allay fears among First Nations leaders that the far-reaching resource development project will affect existing treaties, and impede aboriginal sovereignty over land use.

Deputy minister Nathalie Normandeau told some 100 Cree leaders gathered in Mistissini that the plan hatched by Jean Charest's Liberal government will be adjusted to reflect existing treaties with First Nations in Quebec.

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My Comment: The focus for these discussions is to develop hydro-electic projects, but the resource and timber base is also incredible and will be the focus in the next few years.

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