Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fire At Hells Angels' Bunker Could Spark New Gang War

From Canada.com:

MONTREAL - One question hangs in the air around the burnt offering that used to be the Hells Angels bunker in Sorel, Que.: Will this arson attack spark another gang war?

This wasn't just any building - it was a strike at the heart of the Hells Angels in Canada, a bid to tear down the temple of their outlaw religion.

It was in Sorel, about 85 kilometres northeast of Montreal, that it all began on Dec. 5, 1977, when the Hells Angels first established themselves in Canada.

As they grew increasingly powerful during the 1990s, the Hells Angels threatened politicians, police officers, killed prison guards and a 10-year-old boy and shot a journalist as part of a war of attrition in which more than 160 people were killed.

They bombed and murdered with impunity while building a vertically integrated drug network they controlled from manufacturer to the street corner.

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