Friday, October 3, 2008

Show Us The Platform, Party Leaders Dare Harper On Economy

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, front left, responds to a question as, clockwise from left, Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion, NDP Leader Jack Layton, Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe and Conservative Leader Stephen Harper listen during Thursday's English-language debate in Ottawa. (Tom Hanson/Canadian Press)

From The CBC:

Accuse Conservatives of not having a plan to deal with effects of U.S. crisis
Stephen Harper brushed aside repeated criticism during Thursday's English-language debate from the four other federal party leaders that he's failed to produce an economic plan.

Throughout the two-hour session at Ottawa's National Arts Centre, the Conservative leader was quizzed on how he proposes to address Canada's financial situation in light of the U.S. crisis.

At Harper's request, the amount of time devoted to the economy was increased to 30 minutes in both the English debate and Wednesday's French-language session.

Green Leader Elizabeth May questioned why Harper would request the broadcasting consortium staging the debates devote more time to the economy but then fail to make use of it.

"Both nights, I waited to hear what you thought you should do about the situation and wondered why you wanted the time because you offered nothing up, and tonight, you spent your time attacking the policies of others," she said.

With less than two weeks before the Oct. 14 election, NDP Leader Jack Layton agreed. "Where's the platform, under the sweater?" he asked Harper, making fun of the Conservative leader's new wardrobe of sweaters aimed at softening his image and highlighted in the party's ad campaign.

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