Monday, October 20, 2008

Quebec Police Investigating Hells Angels' Bunker Fire

A bunker belonging to the Hells Angels biker gang burns in southwestern Quebec following an explosion Saturday night.

From CTV News:

Residents in Quebec are worried an apparent attack on a Hells Angels bunker may spark another biker war in the province.

Quebec provincial police are investigating after a driver allegedly rammed a truck into a Hells Angels bunker and set it on fire in the town of Sorel-Tracy, about 100 kilometres northeast of Montreal.

Sgt. Joyce Kemp told CTV Newsnet on Sunday that witnesses allegedly saw a truck purposely driven directly into the compound, which then erupted into flames around 9:30 p.m. on Saturday night.

"The first information we had was that it was a truck that voluntarily smashed into the building, setting it on fire," said Kemp. "The building was completely ruined, but nobody was injured."

Dozens of nearby homes located near the blaze were evacuated as the blaze gutted the hideout.

Police are investigating possible links between the incident and two other suspicious fires in the town that night that destroyed a commercial building and a residential building. So far, they say there's no evidence the three blazes are connected.

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