Friday, October 3, 2008

Quebec Columnists Note Dion, Crown Duceppe As French Debate Winner

From CBC News:

While columnists in several Quebec newspapers appeared impressed with Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion during the federal party leaders' French-language debate, most anointed Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe the winner.

In a front-page analysis published Thursday, Manon Cornellier of Montreal newspaper Le Devoir gave the nod to Duceppe, but said Dion improved as Wednesday night's televised debate went on.

The leaders of the Conservatives, Liberals, Bloc Québécois, New Democratic Party and Green party debate in English tonight, ahead of the Oct. 14 federal election.

Cornellier praised Dion for being the only leader who had a concrete plan for dealing with the current economic crisis.

"He promised an action plan during the first 30 days of his government, a plan which would include calling a meeting of the provincial premiers so they could consult with each other," she wrote.

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