Monday, November 3, 2008

Atwater Library, A Little Corner Of Our History

Still Going, A Little Corner Of
Our History -- Global Quebec

Atwater Library is not your typical library.

One of the oldest lending libraries in the country still in operation, it reeks of character.

Started 180 years ago, the inner-city library kicks off a program of anniversary events with a fundraiser on Wednesday.

It remains a private institution, used by 80,000 people a year, and for the most part depends on private donations to survive. Ninety per cent of its $400,000 annual operating budget comes from donors, business rentals and library fees.

"Our front line service positions are staffed by 125 volunteers," said Lynn Verge, the library's executive director, "We have only eight paid full-time staff. It's the volunteers that set us apart, and contribute to the building's warmth, and give the place a human scale."

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