Sunday, November 2, 2008

Commentary -- Quebec Laments Loss Of Power In Harper Cabinet

Canadian Parliament

From National Post:

MONTREAL - It turns out there is a price to thumbing your nose at a government that showered you with money and nation status, in favour of a separatist party that can only be in opposition.

Quebec newspapers are filled with hand-wringing over the province's reduced clout in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's new cabinet. Electing just 10 Conservative MPs -- none of them anywhere near Montreal -- and giving the Tories 22% of the popular vote is not the way to Mr. Harper's heart.

"Will Quebec be heard?" Bernard DescĂ´teaux wonders in Le Devoir's editorial. He says it would be wrong for the Conservatives to blame Quebec voters for their poor showing in the province. "It rather should be seen as the result of the failure of the Conservative team to convince Quebecers to elect more Conservatives," he writes.

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