Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Quebec Premier Jean Charest Meets With Cabinet Ahead Of Likely Election Call

From The Canadian Press:

QUEBEC — Quebec Premier Jean Charest is meeting his cabinet this morning and is then widely expected to call a provincial election for Dec. 8.

Charest is scheduled to meet with Lt.-Gov. Pierre Duchesne at 9:45 a.m. ET to ask him to dissolve the legislature. The Liberal leader will be pushing for a majority government after being relegated to a minority position in the March 2007 election.

Charest will be hoping that Quebecers see him as the best politician to manage the economy in tough times.

Recent opinion polls have placed the Liberals ahead of the Parti Quebecois and the Action democratique du Quebec but Charest will be looking to make significant gains among the critical francophone vote.

The Liberals have 48 of the province's 125 seats, compared with 39 for the ADQ and 36 for the PQ, while two seats are vacant.

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