Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Quebec Emissions Levels Stabilize Despite Trucks, Cars, Report Says

Lantic Sugar, Notre-Dame East (Montréal).

From CBC News:

Quebec continues to lead the country in lowering greenhouse gas emissions, despite a rise in carbon production from transport trucks and cars, according to a new report.

The Quebec Environment Ministry released its annual inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, which compared 2006 levels to those measured in 1990.

Quebec's overall emissions have risen 1.6 per cent since 1990.

Emissions from large transport trucks and cars rose 22 per cent in that time period, which is "bad news," said Montreal Greenpeace spokesman Arthur Sandborn.

"The bottom line is our production of greenhouse gases [in] the transport sector – small cars, small vans and the big trucks that are running down highways – is up 22 per cent," he said Monday.

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