Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Quebec Provincial Election Called -- Roundup Of News Stories

Quebec's Premier Jean Charest (R) and his wife Michele Dionne walk to the Lieutenant Governor's office to call an election in Quebec City, November 5, 2008. Quebec voters will head to poll in a provincial election on December 8. REUTERS/Mathieu Belanger (CANADA)

Quebec Premier Seeks 'Clear Mandate' In Calling
Dec. 8 Election -- CBC

Premier Jean Charest has asked Quebec's lieutenant-governor to dissolve the legislature in order to hold a provincial election on Dec. 8.

Charest emerged from a brief meeting with Lt.-Gov. Pierre Duchesne Wednesday morning and boarded the Liberals' campaign bus before heading to an outdoor news conference on the shore of the St. Lawrence River, in west-end Quebec City.

Charest said he would be pushing for a "clear mandate" and majority government after his Liberals were relegated to a minority position in the March 2007 election. The Liberals currently have 48 of the province's 125 seats, compared with 39 for the Démocratique du Québec and 36 for the Parti Québécois, while two seats are vacant.

Charest told reporters gathered at the Quai des Cajeux that it's not wise to have three sets of hands on the steering wheel in difficult economic times.

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More News On Today's Quebec Provincial Election Call

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