Sunday, August 24, 2008

Canadian Prime Mimister Harper Weighs Snap Election Call

From The Globe And Mail:

OTTAWA — The Governor-General could be asked to dissolve Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government in the first two weeks of September if high-pressure meetings with opposition leaders do not produce a deal for a fall agenda, a PMO official says.

Mr. Harper's team gave its clearest signal yet that the Conservative government will pull the plug before the Commons resumes sitting on Sept. 15, claiming Parliament is not functioning.

The Prime Minister has already said he will not be bound by the 2009 fixed election date he set, but a senior Tory made it clear that Mr. Harper is not talking about issuing an ultimatum that could lead the opposition to defeat it in the Commons, but rather dissolving Parliament before it sits.

The Prime Minister wants to meet with each of the three opposition leaders before Sept. 15 to seek "common ground" and then make a quick decision on whether it is worth resuming the session.

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My Comment: In the event of an election call, this blog will examine the race from a Montreal perspective first, followed by a Quebec one.

If I was a betting man, I would bet that a Federal election will be called within the next two months. High oil prices are going to hit all Canadians hard in their home heating bills this winter .... having help the politician who must run in an election with that record come next spring time.

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