Thursday, August 21, 2008

Que. Sovereignty A Tough Sell, Nationalist Concedes

From The Gazette:

BECANCOUR, Que. - With cynicism toward politicians in the air these days, sovereignty has become a tough sell, a prominent member of the Parti Quebecois said Wednesday.

But later, contradicting the remarks made by Rousseau MNA Francois Legault, PQ Leader Pauline Marois said Quebecers are "far from morose."

She conceded the PQ has work to do to regain the confidence of Quebecers - it placed third in the last election - but eliminating the sovereignty option is out of the question because people are looking for new options

"What I heard from Mr. Legault is that we have to work to re-mobilize people around the idea of sovereignty," Marois said. "Yes there is, from his point of view, a certain level of political disaffection, but that does not take away from us the responsibility (to work at sovereignty)."

The exchange came Tuesday at the opening of a two-day end of summer caucus of PQ MNAs.

The party is trying to get itself back on track after three MNAs signed a petition denouncing the presence of Beatles star Paul McCartney at festivities marking Quebec City's 400th anniversary.

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My Comment: Among all of my "Quebec nationalist" friends .... this is such a dead issue. Their concerns are on employment, wages, interest rates,taxes, the price of gas, and the price of oil for this winter.

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