Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Am Shock That There Is Gambling In This Club .... SHOCKED!!!! (Line From The Movie Casablanca)

Montreal Leads In Canadian Online Pornography Production -- Canadian Press

MONTREAL — Step through the glass doors of 2much Internet Services and you'll see your typical software company - people tapping away at computers, exposed brickwork on the walls.

But away from the main office, in a room decked out in a jungle motif, Violet Manson is exposing more than brickwork.

"I've got balloons," the scantily clad porn chat hostess cheerfully tells her attentive online audience as she digs into a bag at her side. Soon, she's huffing and puffing, blowing a balloon up until it pops.

"There's this huge thing right now dealing with a balloon fetish," says Manson, a young woman with big brown eyes and ruby red lips. People are ready and willing to pay good money - $5 per minute in private chats - to see those balloons pop.

"It's new to me but there's quite a few clients who are into the balloon fetish so we accommodate them."

Manson is one of the "webcam" girls in Montreal's burgeoning online adult entertainment community, which is part of a porn industry some say is third-biggest in the world behind Los Angeles and Amsterdam.

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