Monday, August 25, 2008

Painting A National Flag On Your Garage Door Is Ilegal In Montreal

Theodore Antonopoulos painted a Greek flag on his garage door in '04. Photograph by : JOHN KENNEY, GAZETTE FILE PHOTO

Curtain Comes Down On Patriotic
Garage Door -- Montreal Gazette

Violates aesthetic standards. But Pierrefonds man leaves the door open to appeal following Superior Court ruling.

A Pierrefonds man has been ordered to remove the huge Greek flag painted on the garage door of his house because it violates the borough's aesthetic standards.

Quebec Superior Court judge France Charbonneau ruled last week that nothing prevents Theodore Antonopoulos from flying the Greek flag on his property, but that by painting blue and white stripes on his garage door he has violated municipal restrictions governing the overall look of the streetscape.

"A municipality has the authority to set uniform standards within its jurisdiction and for the buildings within it," Charbonneau writes.

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