Saturday, August 23, 2008

How Quebec Truck Drivers Are Accomodating Themselves To the High Cost Of Fuel

Fill 'Er Up? Nah, Just Put In $985
-- The Montreal Gazette

Motorists griping about spending $80 to gas up the minivan these days should be happy they're not long-haul truckers.

Kevin Demick of St. Hubert pumps $985 worth of diesel fuel into his rig before making his weekly 2,000-kilometre trip down to southern Georgia or Alabama. And his tanks are still only two-thirds full.

Topping up his two 150-U.S. gallon (567-litre) reservoirs would cost more than $1,500. He stops short because his gas card maxes out at $1,000, and the pump can't go beyond $999.99 anyway - it lacks the extra digit to count into the thousands.

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