Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Federal Election Soon?

Canada PM's office pushes election, Liberals demur -- The Gazette

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada is likely to head into a general election soon unless the minority Conservative government wins co-operation from at least one opposition party, an aide to Prime Minister Stephen Harper said on Friday.

Harper, whose government was elected in January 2006, will try to meet soon with the heads of the three opposition parties to find out if any sees room for letting the government proceed with its agenda this autumn, the aide said.

"If there is no consensus, I think it leads us on a path of going to the polls in the near future," the aide said. "If we're all agreed we're going to the polls, then why wait another two months before getting the nation's business done?"

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My Comment: Liberal support in western Montreal is incredibly soft. The voting intentions of my mother is indicative of what people are feeling here. She is a long time Liberal supporter, but this time she does not have the energy nor interest to support them. She always goes to the polls, but when she goes about voting Liberal it will be with an enthusiasm that is absent.

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