Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Did They Repair The Ville Marie?

Transport Quebec’s director of structures, Daniel Bouchard (left), Deputy Transportation Minister Anne-Marie Leclerc, Transport Minister Sam Hamad and Transport Quebec’s director for the Montreal region, Maroun Shaneen, discuss the safety and repair of the Ville Marie tunnel, following the collapse of a section of the concrete gridlike ceiling, at a news conference last week.
Photograph by: Bryanna Bradley, THE GAZETTE

Questions Arise Over Ville Marie Tunnel Repairs -- Montreal Gazette

MONTREAL - Did they or didn’t they?

Last week, Transport Minister Sam Hamad and other department officials said all eight of the key Ville Marie Tunnel safety repairs recommended in a 2008 inspection report had been completed.

But a progress report posted on Transport Quebec’s website and dated Aug. 2, 2011, indicates the province only expected to begin work on three of those repairs later this year and notes two other repairs are “in progress.”

On July 31, a beam supporting a concrete, gridlike ceiling known as paralumes collapsed in the tunnel, narrowly missing motorists.

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My Comment: This is a clear sign of disorganization on the top.

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