Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hudson Mansion Back On The Market

John Hooper’s Hudson mansion, called Oakleigh, has eight bedrooms on 5.4 acres of land, a two-storey indoor pool and spa, guest house, geothermal heating and cooling and even a charming, if clichéd, secret passage behind a bookcase. Hooper tried unsuccessfully for two years to sell the property through conventional means.

Hudson Mansion Buyer Not Returning Calls -- Montreal Gazette

MONTREAL - Desperate for a final sale, John Hooper was willing to accept an auction result that he felt undervalued his Hudson estate by millions of dollars.

But with the highest bidder no longer returning his calls, Hooper has been forced to put the luxury estate back on the market for the $3.4 million it won in Quebec’s first absolute auction last month.

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My Comment: I guess the buyer is not going to get her $100,000 back.

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