Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Montreal Expos Are Not Coming Back

Fans cheers on the Montreal Expos during the team's final home game ever in Montreal against the Florida Marlins at Olympic Stadium, September 29, 2004. Photograph by: Christinne Muschi, REUTERS

Ex- Expos President Insists MLB Won’t Be Back -- Montreal Gazette

MONTREAL — It has been more than a decade since Claude Brochu was involved with the Montreal Expos.

The former president and managing partner of the club was vilified by many Montrealers for the demise of Nos Amours following the 1994 players’ strike and the fire sale of players he approved when Major League Baseball returned in the spring of ’95.

Today, Brochu still stands by his decisions.

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My Comment: He is probably right. The only way that Montreal can get a baseball team here is if (1) Bob Selig is gone, and (2) a billionaire living in Montreal will put up the funds to build a team and a stadium. Otherwise .... there is zero chance of this happening.

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