Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ville Marie Tunnel Opens

Traffic led by an SQ car and two construction trucks, enter the section of the Ville Marie tunnel for the first time, on Satuday August 6, 2011, that collapsed a week ago. Photograph by: Phil Carpenter, Montreal Gazette

Damaged Ville Marie Traffic Tunnel Reopens In Montreal -- Montreal Gazette

MONTREAL — The spokesman for Transport Québec says the Viger tunnel of the eastbound Ville Marie expressway is now so safe, even he will be driving through it.

“(Motorists) can absolutely drive in the tunnel,” Grégoire Réal said. “I myself will use it. There are no problems, none, none, none.

“This structure has been over-inspected for the past six days to ensure safety, because we understand people are preoccupied so it’s important to do everything well.”

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My Comment: I still do not have confidence, and I dread travelling on the Champlain Bridge.

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