Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ville Marie Could Open Soon

Transport Quebec engineers say workers chipping concrete in the tunnel got too close to the ceiling support beam. (CBC)

"We Are In Control Of Our Infrastructure": Transport Minister -- CTV

Quebec Transport Minister Sam Hamad confirmed to CTV Montreal Wednesday that preliminary analysis on the Viger Tunnel has shown the collapse Sunday was a result of work related to the job site.

Hamad said the 25-ton chunk of concrete that fell was not related to the state of the infrastructure, referring to the incident as an "accident."

He said the tunnel is being closely analyzed.

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My Comment: Fortunately the tunnel is going to be open soon. What is unfortunate is that this near disaster is now being used by the mayor to justify tolls on bridges and the need for more money.

Sighhh .... Transport Quebec has a budget of $4 billion per year .... that is far more than enough money to insure that what happened at the Ville Marie should not have happened at all.

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