Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour In Montreal

A Montreal bylaw makes it illegal to idle an engine for more than three minutes. The city says it has taken many steps to reduce greenhouse gases and is committed to doing more. But some critics say the city's response is too slow. Photograph by: Tyrel Featherstone, Gazette file photo

The Other 364 Days, 23 Hours -- Montreal Gazette

Local governments are playing key roles in the global fight against climate change as hundreds of cities are doing what is in their power to reduce harmful emissions. What about Montreal?

The city of Montreal will be an enthusiastic participant in Earth Hour this evening. Officials will switch off the lights at city hall and a few other municipal buildings, and the cross on Mount Royal will go dark for one hour beginning at 8:30.

But what is Montreal doing during all the other 364 days and 23 hours of the year to try to halt the planet's quick march toward catastrophic climate change?

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