Thursday, March 19, 2009

Montreal's Fascinating, Lesser-Known Museums



Why it's worth the drive: Emile Berliner rests in undeserved obscurity. A German who emigrated to the United States at 19, Berliner invented both the gramophone and flat recorded disc (not to mention the microphone, acoustic tiles and a helicopter). Because of U.S. patent disputes, he established a gramophone and record factory in Montreal in 1900. It was topped by his mascot, Nipper the dog. He was eventually bought out by the Victor Talking Machine Company, which adopted the logo and made it famous. This small museum, housed in the former factory, celebrates the history of sound technology. Its 11,000 objects include early radio transcriptions, tape recorders, records, stereos and radios. Listen to vintage 78s on ancient equipment.

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My Comment: 5 museums are listed in this story, and each and everyone of them should be visited.

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