Thursday, March 5, 2009

STM Looks For Ways To Cover Deficit Without City's Help

From CTV News:

The STM is trying to assure commuters that the service, fares, and infrastructure upgrades will not be sacrificed as the public commuter agency looks ways to save in order to pay off a $38 million deficit.

On Tuesday, the city of Montreal announced it was seeking to cut $155 million from its 2009-2010 budget. It told the STM it would have to save $40 million-- meaning, effectively, that the agency would have to foot the bill for its deficit alone this year.

"[There will be] no changes in service improvement," said Marianne Rouette, a spokesperson with the SMT. "We are following our path in that and you know we did have a very good ridership last year. In 2008 it was 3.8 per cent more than it was in 2007."

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