Monday, March 2, 2009

Won't Reveal Source, Says Reporter Who Helped Expose Sponsorship Scandal

Justice John Gomery smiles after delivering a statement on his first report on the sponsorship scandal in Ottawa, Nov. 1, 2005. (CP PHOTO/Tom Hanson)

From The CBC:

A journalist who helped expose the federal sponsorship scandal says he'd rather face jail time than reveal his source in court.

Globe and Mail reporter Daniel Leblanc has been ordered to face questions in Quebec's Superior Court about the identity of his source, known only by a code name: "Ma chouette."

He's due to appear in mid-March, but says he has no intention of giving any details.

"This was a source who blew the whistle — in the public interest — on massive fraud so I'm willing to go wherever it needs to go," he told CBC on Sunday.

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My Comment: The Feds must protect this source. Failure to do so will open the coffers to even greater corruption and abuse of the public purse in the future.

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