Friday, March 20, 2009

Quebec Budget Recaps

Quebec Finance Minister Monique Jerome-Forget (centre) acknowledges applause as she unveils her budget at the National Assembly in Quebec City Thursday. Photograph by: Mathieu Belanger, Reuters

Quebec Budget Predicts 4 Years Of Deficits -- CBC

Tax and user-fee increases part of plan to get province out of the red.

The Quebec Liberal government on Thursday tabled a budget with a $3.9-billion deficit, suspending its own balanced-budget law in an attempt to protect the province's economy from slipping too far into a recession.

Finance Minister Monique Jérôme-Forget presented a $66-billion budget for 2009-2010, adding Quebec to the growing list of provinces that are borrowing money to pay for basic services and economic stimulus measures.

Quebec's deficit, the first in a decade, represents 1.3 per cent of the province's gross domestic product.

Quebec will not only post a deficit this year, but likely for three more years, said the finance minister.

The deficits are expected to add $12 billion to the province's already heavy load of debt.

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More News On Quebec's Budget

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