Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lawyers In Villanueva Case Want Officers' Names Protected

Fredy Villanueva with his parents, Lilian and Gilberto. Constable Jean-Loup Lapointe of the Montreal police shot and fatally wounded Villanueva last August. He was 18. Photograph by: Courtesy of Patricia Villanueva

From Montreal Gazette:

MONTREAL – Lawyers representing the two police officers involved in the shooting death of Fredy Villanueva last summer will appear at the Montreal courthouse April 8 to request that the identities and all photos of their clients be shielded.

The request will be heard by Judge Robert Sansfaçon of Quebec Court.

He will be acting as coroner during an inquiry expected to begin May 25 into Villanueva’s fatal wounding during an Aug. 9 parking-lot melee, in which Constable Jean-Loup Lapointe of Montreal police fired his revolver four times.

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