Saturday, September 27, 2008

Concordia Murderer Denied Early Parole

From The CBC:

A former Montreal professor who murdered four of his colleagues 16 years ago has been barred from applying for early parole again.

Valery Fabrikant, 68, was in court Friday for his early parole hearing, granted this year under Canada's faint hope clause.

Fabrikant told the court he's old and gravely ill and poses no threat to anyone now and should be let free.

Quebec Justice James Brunton disagreed, saying Fabrikant still believes he was provoked and justified when he ambushed his Concordia University department in 1992, killing four fellow mechanical engineering professors.

Brunton said he believes Fabrikant doesn't think he did anything wrong, and still doesn't think he has any problems.

Fabrikant asked Brunton to reject his faint hope claim without hearing it so that he could appeal the request.

He will remain behind bars for at least nine more years, unless he wins his appeal. Fabrikant was sentenced to life in prison in 1993.

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