Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The High Cost Of Montreal's Last Riot

Riot's High Cost -- Global Quebec

The price tag of an August riot in Montreal North nears $1-million mark

The preliminary price tag from police alone in the Aug. 10 riot in Montreal North and its aftermath has almost hit the $1-million mark.

Montreal police racked up 13,841 overtime hours in that troubled district during the month after a constable fatally shot Fredy Villaneuva, 18.

That tab totalled $839,854, according to a report from Radio-Canada, the French-language service of the CBC, after it received the results of an access-to-information request.

A further $100,000 of costs were incurred in goods and services not specified by Montreal police, Radio-Canada said, along with $24,000 of damages to ambulances, fire-fighting vehicles and municipal fixtures.

The report pegged the total cost tabulated thus far at $963,854.

Constable Yannick Ouimet of Montreal police said at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday that the force would have no immediate comment.

Nor would he confirm any of the details.

He suggested the force might be able to respond later, but said he couldn't specify whether that could be today.

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