Saturday, September 27, 2008

Montreal's Nightlife No Distraction For Riders

From The Vancouver Sun:

REGINA - Ken Miller downplayed the significance of Saskatchewan Roughriders making a road trip to Montreal to play the Alouettes.

The Roughriders rookie head coach said the players are aware of the distractions Canada's most diverse city may pose for all CFL teams. Miller stressed that the Riders, who are to play the Alouettes on Sunday, have never had any difficulties with adhering to team rules when playing in other centres and Montreal isn't likely to be an exception.

"We talked about the extra temptations and distractions which are available in Montreal but we're going there with a job to do," Miller said.

That message wasn't wasted on middle linebacker Maurice Lloyd.

"We know that we're going there for one thing and that's to play football," Lloyd told reporters. "The nightlife doesn't happen to us at all. We go there, go get something to eat, go to the hotel, get off our feet, stay focused, and just be ready to play."

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