Sunday, September 28, 2008

Montreal Police Working Under Protest

Montreal police continuing to take part in a uniform protest Sept. 27, 2008 as a pressure tactic on the city for better pay and working conditions.

Wearing Their Protest In Public -- Toronto Star

With no right to strike, Montreal police attire themselves in anything but regulation uniforms

MONTREAL–To the unknowing eye, like that of a tourist, the reaction is basically, "Huh?"

"We saw them, all in a group, all wearing something different. One had white pants on, with handcuffs painted across his butt," said Elizabeth Reeb, 62, a tourist from Alberta. "I was shocked, but also a bit amused. You don't see police look like that everyday."

"We thought it was weird," echoed her friend Pearl Forsyth, 57, as they prepared to visit Notre Dame Cathedral in old Montreal, "because our police would never do that."

To see a police officer in Montreal these days is to see a strange sight. Officers are wearing just about anything below the belt, except uniform pants, that is. Jeans, track pants, pyjamas, parachute pants, and lots of camouflage, in grey, green, purple, even hot pink.

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Update: Race-relations expert worried about image of Mtl cops wearing military-style pants -- Canadian Press

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