Thursday, September 18, 2008

NDP Surge In Quebec Could Soon Deflate: Pollster


MONTREAL - Once dismissed as a non-entity in Quebec, the New Democrats have their best chance yet to break through in the province in the Oct. 14 federal election.

But though polls indicate left-wing Quebecers are flirting with the New Democrats, current support may evaporate come voting day or it may not be enough to win seats, experts say.

The party's target is six to 12 of Quebec's 75 ridings, said Outremont incumbent Thomas Mulcair, the NDP's Quebec lieutenant.

"We're looking at growing a lot in Quebec," said Mulcair, who pointed to developments in the Jeanne-Le Ber riding as evidence the Bloc Quebecois is "very nervous" about the NDP.

In that Montreal riding, the Bloc this week has put up posters urging voters to back the Bloc because a vote for the NDP will split the left-wing vote and help the Conservatives win a majority.

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