Friday, September 12, 2008

Layton Tries To Sell Climate Change Plan In Quebec

From The National Post:

MONTREAL -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper is trying to "change the channel" on the climate change crisis by suggesting an environmental plan could provoke a new national unity debate, NDPLeader Jack Layton said Thursday.

Mr. Layton started the day in Montreal, where he took aim at Stephane Dion for the first time in the campaign, urging people in his Liberal counterpart's home province to endorse the New Democrats' plan to fight climate change over the Liberals' Green Shift, which Mr. Layton said would not be adequate.

"When it comes to the environment, I do have a few words for my Liberal colleague, and that is that his carbon tax proposal is wrong, that it won't work, and that he knows it," Mr. Layton said, standing with a team of candidates outside the Montreal Climate Exchange.

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