Monday, April 27, 2009

Habs Awful From Top To Bottom

Fans voiced their displeasure with Habs goalie Carey Price by mock cheering him when he made a routine save during the second period after already giving up four goals in Wednesday night's season-ending loss at the Bell Centre. Photograph by: John Mahoney, The Gazette

From Globe And Mail:

Let’s face it, folks. The 2008-09 Montreal Canadiens booked an early tee time the old-fashioned way. They earned it.

The “thoroughbred” goaltender looked more like a secretary than Secretariat. More Man o’ Bud than Man o’ War.

The Canadiens were soft in the corners, confused in front of the net, inept on offence and disorganized on defence.

Their passes, as former Manchester United manager Tommy Docherty once said of striker Tony Hately, should have been addressed “to whom it may concern.”

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