Friday, April 17, 2009

Reconstructing the Turcot

Transport Quebec wants to reconstruct the Turcot complex as part of a controversial $1.5-billion, seven-year plan. Photograph by: Tyrel Featherstone, Gazette file photo

From The Montreal Gazette:

Get rid of much of the highway and replace it with a series of roads in a brand new neighbourhood, some of it along the picturesque Lachine Canal.

Scale it back and invest the savings in public transit for West Islanders shuttling to and from downtown.

Why not rebuild it high up – but with artistic flare, not drab concrete.

Or just fix the old structure, perhaps with steel beams or overhead arches.

But whatever you do, critics say, don’t just rebuild the crumbling Turcot complex as an old-fashioned highway, whether up on high pillars as it is now, or low down on embankments, as Transport Quebec proposes to do in a controversial $1.5-billion, seven-year reconstruction plan.

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