Saturday, April 25, 2009

Montreal Swine Flu Fears Unfounded: Report

Quarantine officials distribute masks and advisories on health issues to passengers arriving from Mexico City at Narita international airport, east of Tokyo April 25, 2009. Photograph by: Reuters

From The Montreal Gazette:

Fears of a swine-flu appearance in Montreal on Saturday afternoon are unfounded.

Johanne Simard, an official of the Montreal regional health board, says there are no cases of swine flu at Lakeshore General Hospital on the West Island and no quarantines in effect.

CTV Montreal had reported early Saturday afternoon that there were two precautionary quarantines in effect at the Lakeshore, and the LCN cable network one reported that there was quarantine. The cases cited involved people who had fallen sick after trips to Mexico, where the rise of a new swine-flu cluster has created global fears of a pandemic.

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