Sunday, September 27, 2009

Harel (Finally) Speaks To An Anglo Audience

Mayoral candidate Louise Harel took calls from Anglophone listeners on CJAD radio Saturday.

From CTV:

Louise Harel spoke with listeners on CJAD radio Saturday, where she discussed transportation to the West Island, cleaning up city hall, and her struggle with the English language.

"I'm afraid to speak in English, not because I'm afraid to make mistakes, but because I'm afraid to make political mistakes," said the Vision Montreal leader on Anne Lagacé-Dowson's radio program.

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Update: Harel acknowledges poor English, struggles in interview -- Montreal Gazette

My Comment: For what is probably her one and only talk with an English audience, she arrives 25 minutes late.

That says volumes right there.

As I said yesterday, if an English candidate did this, she will be screaming right now that the French community is being disrespected.

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