Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hydro Hike, CEGEP Tutition Fees On The Table: Liberals

Carillon Hydro installation.
Photograph by: Handout, Hydro-Quebec

From The Montreal Gazette:

DRUMMONDVILLE - Delegates to a weekend meeting of the ruling Quebec Liberal Party approved a proposal to raise electricity rates gradually to market levels and another to introduce "modest" tuition fees for CEGEPs.

Quebec now boasts hydro rates among the lowest in North America, at 6.8 cents a kilowatt-hour, compared with 11.17 cents in Toronto and 21.27 cents in New York.

And CEGEPs, unique to the province, are tuition-free. Several delegates objected that CEGEPs should continue to be free, suggesting the "modest" start could soon lead to more substantial fees.

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My Comment: Instead of cutting government .... they grab our money.

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