Sunday, September 20, 2009

Joining The FLQ Is No Trivial Matter -- A Commentary

From The Montreal Gazette:

For an organization that's been defunct for decades, the Front de Liberation du Québec is having a busy month.

Last week's fuss about the reading of the FLQ's preposterous manifesto on the Plains of Abraham was followed yesterday by news that André Lavallée, vice-chairman of Montreal's executive committee, and so the No. 3 man at city hall, joined the FLQ in 1971, and took part in the FLQ robbery of a church-hall bingo.

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My Comment: If he had committed this crime without being under the banner of the FLQ .... demands would be made for him to resign. Marc Snyder committed an identical crime .... but his punishment was to be kicked out of any position of responsibility. A double standard is being applied .... and the media outrage is quiet.

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