Monday, September 28, 2009

The Montreal Star, 30 Years Later

From The National Post:

Thirty years ago today, I called a meeting of the editorial staff of the Montreal Star and got right to the point: "I deeply regret to tell you the Montreal Star no longer exists." Some wept. Some cried, No!" Others appeared to be too shocked to say a word. This was news that could not be true.

If I am proud of anything I did on that black day, it is winning an argument with the publisher who had wanted to bring security guards into the newsroom to prevent journalists from smashing their computer terminals in anger. "No goons in my newsroom," I yelled. It goes without saying that bars in the neighbourhood, and the one in the rather tacky Montréal Press Club, did very well that afternoon -- and night.

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My Comment: I will never forget that day. I was in the parking lot leaving work when I heard people in their cars listening to the radio telling everyone that the paper was closed. I was shocked when I heard this news.

When it sunk in, I then realized that times were changing for the English community in Montreal. Not surprisingly ..... everything went downhill after that to where we are today.

Is it sad .... yes. Should we be surprised .... no.

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