Monday, September 8, 2008

Bloc Struggling To Understand Quebec City

From The Globe And Mail:

Quebec City — Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe is still baffled by the Conservative surge in Quebec City in the last election.

Mr. Duceppe told reporters he has not yet figured out what happened almost three years ago in the provincial capital, where he lost all but one seat.

“I'm not too sure. There might have been a groundswell at the time, people thinking they would try something else,” Mr. Duceppe said.

However, the Conservative Party still retains massive support in public opinion polls in Quebec City, and appears headed for a second sweep of the riding-rich area on Oct. 14.

Mr. Duceppe refused to lay out his strategy or issue a specific message to the people of Quebec City, where he is scheduled to meet the mayor today and hold a rally tonight.

“We will see. We take nothing for granted, we will work very hard,” Mr. Duceppe said.

Mr. Duceppe said federalists can vote safely for the Bloc without supporting Quebec sovereignty. Sovereignty will be decided in Quebec, he said, not in Ottawa where the Bloc works. There is nothing strange about the Bloc courting federalists, he added, considering how other parties such as the Conservatives have been wooing nationalists.

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