Friday, September 5, 2008

Coroner's Report On The Shooting At Dawson College

Gunman Was Ready To Kill His Parents
-- Globe And Mail

Man who opened fire was mentally troubled for years, coroner reveals, but still able to obtain weapons legally

MONTREAL -- Brooding, boozed up and living as a violence-obsessed recluse, Kimveer Gill was so intent on carrying out his shooting rampage at Dawson College that he was prepared to kill his parents if they unearthed his plans, a coroner disclosed yesterday.

A chilling portrait of the gunman revealed he was depressed and psychologically troubled for years preceding the 2006 assault, but was nonetheless able to legally amass his weaponry.

Mr. Gill killed one student and wounded 16 others two years ago this month.

Jacques Ramsay's report into the tragedy suggests Mr. Gill had shown signs of mental distress for years. In 2004, he consulted a doctor and psychologist for depression and suicidal thoughts. He had up to seven drinks a day to help his anxiety.

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