Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Famous Bachelor Decides To Settle Down After Cyber-Dating Marathon

Allan Wills poses with his fiancee, Claire Marjoram, on Montreal's Mount Royal last week. They met thanks to his blog. (Graham Hugues/Canadian Press)

From Canada.com:

MONTREAL - It's the oldest story in the world. Boy meets girl. Or man meets woman. Except that Montreal native Allan Wills wasn't meeting any women.

This was in the fall of 2006. He had moved to London to work. He was lonely, and turning 30.

And so in the fall of 2006, lost and lonely in central London, he started a blog, entitled AreYouMyWife.com. A married woman had told him all he needed to do was advertise his availability to the world as a well-adjusted ordinary guy, and women would come crawling out of the cyber-woodwork.

Which they did. Six thousand of them.

Wills quit his job in marketing with Jameson Whiskey and blew his bank account, going on 39 dates in 13 countries. Along the way, his story was told by publications like the Kazakhstan News and Shanghai City Weekend, TV shows like The Today Show on NBC, and radio stations like the BBC World Service and W in Colombia.

And now the whole adventure has all come to a happy end.

Late last month, the handsome Wills popped the question to a 29-year-old woman from central London named Claire Marjoram on Montreal's Mount Royal. She said yes.

After returning together last Saturday night to England after two weeks at the Wills cottage, they were back at their respective jobs Monday in London.

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