Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Inquire Into The Riot Last Month In Montreal's Northend

Villanueva Probe An Improvement: Dauphin
-- Montreal Gazette

MONTREAL - The civilian responsible for Montreal's police department says he's been given no details on the progress of a provincial investigation into a police shooting that sparked a riot in Montreal North last month.

But Claude Dauphin, chairperson of the city executive committee, added that when he finds out what happened in Montreal North on Aug. 9, the day Fredy Villanueva was shot killed by Montreal police, so will the rest of us.

"One thing we're proud of is that the (Quebec public security) minister said the conclusion (of the investigation) would be public," Dauphin told reporters. "This is an improvement when you consider what happened in the past, when you talk about the Bennis affair in 2005 (when Montreal police shot a 25-year-old man who allegedly attacked an officer with a knife) or when you talk about the Registre affair (when a man pulled over for a traffic violation died after being tasered six times by police).

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