Monday, September 8, 2008

Mixed Signals In Quebec

From The Montreal Gazette:

Pre-election polls are sending mixed signals about how the campaign shapes up in Quebec.

Of the half dozen issued in the past two weeks, some have the Liberals running ahead of the Conservatives in popular support, others vice-versa.

It could be, as some have it, that the Conservatives are running neck-and-neck with the Bloc Québécois, or it could be, as the latest Canwest survey pegs it, that the Bloc is comfortably ahead with 38 per cent support, the Liberals in distant second with 25 per cent and the Conservatives in even more distant third with 20 per cent, trailed by the NDP with 10 per cent.

It gives the Green Party 6 per cent, though others have as low as half that. It could be one or the other as three per cent is the standard margin of error. Either way it adds up to zero seats.

Together, however, they indicate that Bloc support is down and that it is likely to lose some seats from the 51 it took in the last general election.

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