Sunday, September 7, 2008

Protecting Montreal's Environment

Time To Protect The 'Green Lace Doily' Of Montreal,
Environmentalists Say -- The Montreal Gazette

Coalition is pressing Quebec to create a provincial park joining endangered lands

Environmental groups across southwestern Quebec are ratcheting up the pressure on the Quebec government to create a new kind of provincial park to stop the rapid destruction of forests, wetlands, islands and other natural spaces around Montreal.

Fifty-five groups have united behind the innovative project to create the Montreal Archipelago Ecological Park, Montreal's answer to the "green belts" other Canadian cities have established to stop urban sprawl, combat climate change and preserve nearby natural green space.

"We don't call it a green belt, though, it's more like a green lace doily," said David Fletcher, a spokesperson for the new coalition calling itself Partners for the Montreal Archipelago Ecological Park.

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